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Book Reviews November 2015

| November 1, 2015

 plants from pits


Plants from Pits by Holly Farrell shows you how to grow a range of fruit and vegetables from pits that you might otherwise toss into the trash. Farrell offers guidance to growing more than 30 plants in all, both indoors and out, with minimum equipment and experience. This guide covers topics from the science of how plants grow to how to deal with pests and other problems, both symptoms and remedies. Find out what to grow, what to grow it in and when and where to grow it for the best results. Packed with colorful photos and step-by-step illustrations, this book shows the perfect way to grow beautiful plants from pits.


 the essential guide to color knitting techniques


Knitting with two or more colors can be challenging. Choosing a harmonious color palette, managing two or more balls of yarn, changing colors midrow, or using multicolored yarns effectively can stump knitters of any level. Now Margaret Radcliffe offers The Essential Guide to Color Knitting Techniques, full of color photos of dozens of pattern stitches, easy-to-understand step-by-step technique guides and lessons on color balance, so knitters will be able to tackle any color-knitting issue they encounter. This book is a must-have for all knitters’ shelves. _________________________________________________________________________________

the satorialist x


In The Sartorialist: X, Scott Schuman pays homage to the unique style found on sidewalks, streets and off the beaten path. From its start 10 years ago as a New York street-style blog, Schuman’s work has become an essential part of the worldwide conversation on fashion and its place in everyday life. With stunning images of men and women who caught his eye in traditional fashion locales like New York, London and Milan, as well as newer ones including Peru, India, Dubai and South Africa, this book celebrates global cultures of pattern and color, making it a thrilling source of photographic inspiration. _________________________________________________________________________________

fat me not


The science of obesity and weight loss has progressed in leaps and bounds since research conducted in the 1960s. It is the current knowledge you really need in order to be successful in losing weight and keeping it off. In Fat-Me Not: Weight Loss Diet of the Future, Dr. Myo Nwe and Dr. Sandeep Grewal bring information from the annals of research journals to your doorstep in a simplified, easy-read and entertaining way. Why try to lose weight the old way when powerful new research makes it easier, simpler and safer? Connect with real stories from real patients and learn how they lost weight and how you can, too. Break the Fat-Me cycle for good. _________________________________________________________________________________

living a real life with real food


Living a Real Life with Real Food: How to Get Healthy, Lose Weight, and Stay Energized – the Kosher Way offers readers and cooks both healthy and kosher ways to prepare meals. This book proves you don’t have to buy your ingredients at a Middle Eastern outdoor market to maintain a kosher lifestyle built on health, taste and variety. Registered dietician and certified nutritionist Beth Warren helps readers decode labels so they can recognize real, nutritional food. Part recipe book, part lifestyle guide, this resource relies on science and client testimonials to show the efficacy and ease of living a kosher lifestyle.


the best natural homemade skin & hair care products

The Best Natural Homemade Skin & Hair Care Products, by Mar Gomez, offers 175 formulas for all types of skin – from dry to oily and from young to old – with health enhancing oils from around the world. With these easy-to-follow recipes and widely available natural ingredients, you’ll be able to create effective, soothing and natural creams, balms, face and body oils, scrubs, shampoos, shower and bath gels and lip balm – all with wonderful skin-care properties. Making luxurious, heavenly scented homemade cosmetics is both surprisingly simple and incredibly satisfying, requiring only regular kitchen equipment.


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