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Books July 2015

| July 1, 2015

shed decor 


Outdoor living writer Sally Coulthard provides an extensive overview of small outdoor spaces in Shed Decor. Perfect for work, play or relaxation, a shed is small in space and investment, can easily fit in a backyard or garden, and, as this inspirational design guide shows, can be beautiful. From seemingly unpromising potting sheds to tired old summerhouses ripe for a makeover, Coulthard reveals how the right combination of colors, fabrics, furniture and accessories can transform an outdoor building from grungy to great.




Distilled uncovers the best spirits the world has to offer. These are not necessarily all the best-known examples, but they are the best crafted and most interesting. Spirit by spirit Joel Harrison and Neil Ridley explain what you need to know to appreciate a spirit – its ingredients, its classic forms, the choices a distiller makes in creating it. They also offer their picks to “Drink Before You Expire” – from gin and rum to shochu and tequila. There are also plenty of suggestions for innovative and classic cocktails and their insider tips on getting the best out of your spirits.


 from vines to wines


For years, From Vines to Wines has provided readers with the knowledge to participate in every part of the winemaking process – from selecting the vines to cellaring the wine. Now author Jeff Cox has fully updated this classic book with the fifth edition. He takes beginning winemakers through every step from the growing process to harvesting to crushing, fermenting, aging and bottling. Helpful illustrations and charts, glossary terms, record-keeping templates, resource listings and a pest and disease appendix complete the guide.


 simply vegetarian thai cooking


Thai vegetarian food is delicious and worthy of a place in any kitchen, not just full-time vegetarian kitchens; and with available ingredients and focus on home cooking and everyday fare, you can cook these dishes with success when you open the pages of Simply Vegetarian Thai, new from Nancy McDermott. She’s developed authentic yet innovative variations on traditional Thai recipes, providing health-conscious cooks with a repertoire of vegetarian dishes that capture the vibrant tastes and scents of Thailand. From appetizing salads to savory soups and spicy mains, this cookbook offers 125 delectable recipes for every meal and occasion.


 the complete leaky gut health & diet guide


Leaky gut syndrome has been linked to a number of medical issues, from autoimmune conditions and autism to diabetes and food allergies. This malady is a state of the small intestines that comes into play when microscopic enlargements of the spaces between the cells lining the gut become porous, which compromises the intestine’s role as a filter. In Leaky Gut Health & Diet Guide, Dr. Makoto Trotter and Doug Cook offer expert medical advice to help better understand and manage the condition along with a diet plan, including weekly menu plans that are easy to follow and healthy food lists to make shopping easier.




HOG: Proper Pork Recipes from the Snout to the Squeak, by Richard H. Turner, is a 352-page love letter to all things porcine, featuring more than 150 recipes and nearly 250 full-color photos and illustrations. The book covers every cut imaginable and every branch of pork cooking, including slow-cooking, one-pot suppers, weekend roasts, fresh and flavorful salads, breakfasts, sausages, hams, bacon and more, plus the delights of barbecue – live-fire cooking and smoking. With features from the most relevant of the 200 breeds developed to pastoral piggery, butchery and buying pork, everything you could possibly want in a pork cookbook is here.

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