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Memorial Hermann Cypress Hospital Now Serving the Community

| May 1, 2017

Memorial Hermann Cypress Hospital

Memorial Hermann Cypress Hospital

Medical Expertise Offers World-Class Care

By Mara Soloway

At 7 a.m. on March 31, the Memorial Hermann Health System welcomed a new hospital in the fast-growing Cypress/Northwest Houston area. Memorial Hermann Cypress Hospital is a full-service, acute-care hospital located on 32 acres on the northeast side of Highway 290 and Grand Parkway, between Mason and Mueschke roads. The Hospital offers numerous services and specialty expertise with state-of-the-art medical technology.

Approximately 250 affiliated, board-certified physicians and other healthcare professionals are on staff at the 81-bed Memorial Hermann Cypress Hospital and are addressing the community’s healthcare needs, from routine outpatient visits to complex inpatient procedures. Before it opened, several surgeries and other procedures had already been scheduled to take place there.

Scott Barbe is senior vice president and CEO of Memorial Hermann Cypress Hospital. He and a small team – which included Courtney Altimore, the hospital’s director of business development – moved to a small building nearby to start developing the campus in 2014. As they started bringing in the leadership team, they moved to office space in the Memorial Hermann Medical Plaza, which is next door to the hospital. Barbe came to Cypress from Memorial Hermann’s Katy campus, where he had started working in 1992 before Memorial Hermann ownership. During his tenure there, Memorial Hermann built a new building, relocated the campus, and recently completed a significant expansion project.

Memorial Hermann sought to have a facility in this market as far back as 1999. “The sustained economic upturn that we had recently gave us compelling reasons to be out here. We considered the demographics and the projected growth that is enhanced by the Grand Parkway being completed,” Barbe said. Barbe credits Memorial (before the Hermann merger) in the 1960s as being one of first hospital-based organizations to put hospitals out in suburban area. “As we’ve grown since the Hermann merger, all the facilities have been acquired and built new out where the people live. That was really visionary of the leadership at the time, and it has served the communities well,” he said.

Barbe says the patient experience is going to be “fantastic” due in part to the quality of the medical staff, which will be wholly engaged each day in problem-solving things that affect patients. “We have a daily management system in which each department, every day, in many cases each shift, confers for about 10 minutes about logistics and things that will affect the patients’ experience. This gives the leadership as close to real-time customer satisfaction scores as possible.” In total, the staff hired at Memorial Hermann Cypress have more than 2,200 hours of experience, and many of the nurses have specialty training for the elevated care areas, like the NICU. Additionally, the design of the hospital aims to improve the holistic patient experience with a series of small features a patient may not recognize as special, but will appreciate its impact. For example, the status boards in patient rooms allow for personal notes to be conveyed to staff, such as a parent with a young child who’s scared about their parent’s experience.

The experience for visitors has also been given much consideration. Quiet areas for family members and visitors have been placed throughout the building, in addition to the interfaith chapel. The Cypress Café and Starbucks offer a chance to refuel.

Service and Specialty Expertise

In the 24-Hour Emergency Center, “the door-to-physician time is seven minutes and around 17 minutes to actual diagnosis,” said Kyle Stanzel, the hospital’s vice president of operations and chief operating officer. In order to achieve these short timeframes, triage takes place in one of 17 treatment rooms, three of which are trauma rooms and one is a decontamination room.

The ER is supported by a comprehensive Imaging Center with digital and mobile X-ray, CT and ultrasound and an onsite laboratory. The Memorial Hermann Life Flight® Helipad gives access to a higher level of care via the air ambulance. The ER also receives its medical supplies directly from a sterile processing unit to keep them from unsterile environments.

The Memorial Hermann Health System is a leader in Women’s Care Services that are quite extensive and meet the healthcare needs of women of all ages, Stanzel noted. They include obstetrics and gynecology, maternity services, heart and vascular services, breast and bone care, and more.

The Birthing Center has private labor-delivery-recovery suites with premium amenities. The physicians and nurses are highly trained in both normal and high-risk deliveries and newborn care. Among the Center’s features are a high-risk pregnancy clinic, OB emergency center, post- and ante-partum care, one-on-one nursing care during birthing and a “complete care” model so that mother and baby are cared for together. The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit has eight beds.

“The OB special emergency area is for emergency deliveries so that women who are pregnant don’t have to deliver in the general OR – they have their own area with OB/gyn staff taking care of them. The 24/7 personal attention makes the moms feel more comfortable,” Stanzel said.

MD Anderson fellowship-trained breast radiologists in The University of Texas MD Anderson Breast Care Center with Memorial Hermann provide such advanced options as 3-D mammography, breast MRI and MRI biopsies, breast ultrasound, ultrasound biopsies and stereotactic breast biopsies.

Diagnostic, interventional and electrophysiology cardiologists in Heart & Vascular Services offer prevention, diagnostic treatment and interventional procedures for a variety of heart-related con­ditions. The Cardiac Catheterization Lab allows them to identify patients with heart disease that require specialized treatment. Heart attack patients can be stabilized at Memorial Hermann Cypress Hospital.

Neuroscience Services provides complete care, including treatment of movement disorders, seizures, back pain, migraines/­head­aches, sleep disorders and spine surgery.

The Orthopedics and Sports Medicine staff provide non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures, surgery and rehabilitation for muscle, joint and bone injuries and abnormalities.

Memorial Hermann Cypress Hospital’s Surgical Services use the latest technologies and techniques to perform a wide range of inpatient and outpatient procedures. The goal is to give patients a seamless experience before, during and after surgery. Stanzel noted that the pre-op rooms where the anesthesiologist and other medical team members visit the patient have doors, which offer more privacy than typical hospital curtained areas.

The OR suite of eight operating rooms has a control room with numerous monitors showing all the patients’ vitals, location and other information, and has extensive patient recovery areas. Near the operating suite is an Endoscopy & Bronchoscopy Suite for noninvasive procedures.

Additionally, Memorial Hermann Cypress Hospital offers a 16-bed Intensive Care Unit, affiliated specialists, a diagnostic laboratory, physical therapy and primary care physicians.

“Memorial Hermann Cypress Hospital brings advanced services and clinically integrated, patient-centered care to the area,” Barbe said. “The community is going to be very pleased.”

Memorial Hermann Cypress Hospital is located at 27800 Northwest Freeway near the Grand Parkway interchange in Cypress. For more information, call 346-231-4000 or visit memorialhermann.org and click on Locations.


A nurse prepares in the Emergency Center Trauma Room.

A nurse prepares in the Emergency Center Trauma Room.


In the NICU.


The Cypress Café is open to the public with meals and snacks.

In the Obstetrics Emergency Center.

In the Obstetrics Emergency Center.


Staff in the OR PACU (Post Anesthesia Care Unit).

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