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Students Place in Texas Science Olympiad

| June 1, 2010

Cypress Woods students qualify for nationals

The Cypress Woods High School Science Olympiad team highlighted the district’s state qualifiers at the Texas Science Olympiad by placing second overall in the High School division to qualify for nationals.

“To compete at such a high level so early in a program’s existence really shows the dedication and ability of these students,” said Anton Truong, Cypress Woods teacher and Science Olympiad co-sponsor.

The following Cypress Woods students placed in the top four in their respective events: first place – Charles Jester and Andrew Huang, We’ve Got Your Number; and Nathan Hinton and Andrew Huang, Elevated Bridge; second place – Harry Krantz and Charles Jester, It’s About Time; Kyle Hilberg and Garrett Garcia, Mousetrap Vehicle; Alyx Moose and Andrew Hunag, Astronomy; Nathan Hinton and Luke Tseng, Dynamic Planet; Nathan Hinton, Kyle Hilberg and Andrew Huang, Experimental Design; Grace Duncan and Meghna Kapadia, Forensics; Kyle Hilberg and Alyx Moose, Fossils; and Gabe Cabañas and Arshiya Baig, Protein Modeling; third place – Kyle Hilberg and Justin Fong, Ornithology; and Kyle Hilberg and Charles Jester, Chemistry Lab; Fourth Place – Harry Krantz and Nathan Hinton, Egg-O-Naut.

Cypress Woods’ team members are: Kyle Hilberg, Charles Jester, Andrew Huang, Pareesa Nathani, Arshiya Baig, Nathan Hinton, Harry Krantz, Sajani Patel, Meghna Kapadia, Luke Tseng, Garrett Garcia, Alyx Moose, Gabe Cabanas, Grace Duncan and Justin Fong.

Cypress Falls High School, also represented by students Abhas Mishra, Kristine Fodor and Grace Chang, had several students medal at state: first place – Chintan Patel, Nathan Tran and Ashley Polasek, Experimental Design; second place – Rohit Kumar and Hassan Khan, Egg-O-Naut; Jasneet Singh and Nhan Tran, Physics Lab; Ashley Polasek, Layeeka Ismail and Nicole Cho, Picture This; and Randy Pok and Jasneet Singh, We’ve Got Your Number; third place – John Fortner and Mark Goloby, History of Science; Jasneet Singh and Chintan Patel, It’s About Time; Vamsi Palivela and Layeeka Ismail, Tech Problem Solving; and Mark Goloby and Rohit Raghu, Trajectory; fourth place – John Fortner and Norman Ren, Dynamic Planet; Rohit Kumar and Nathan Tran, Elevated Bridge; and Nicole Cho and Ashley Polasek, Ornithology;

Cypress Lakes High School placed eighth overall. The Spartans’ individual medalists were: first place – Rishika Dewan, Lauren Fairman and Hector Castillo, Picture This; third place – James Duong and Han Nguyen, Helicopter Duration; fourth place – Rishika Dewan and Lauren Fairman, It’s About Time; James Duong and Victor Lam, History of Science; and Alex Gutierrez and Hector Castillo, Physics Lab.

For Cypress Ridge High School, students Alexis Nguyen and Kristeen Chan were the sole medalists, placing third in Physics Lab.

Jersey Village High School students placed third in Write It, Do It.

In the Middle School Division, Goodson Middle School placed fifth overall and was the top-ranking middle school in the district. Goodson’s team members are Corwin Aucoin, Colton Campbell, Josh Chakranarayan, Rishabh Dhar, Ian Echols, Sahithy Gudavalli, Travis Hockaday, Darcy Hinton, Samedh Iyer, David Johansson, Gaurav Lalsinghani, Madelynn Marlow, Neeraja Setlur, Allyson Walpole and Drishti Wadhwa. Goodson’s individual medalists were as follows: First Place – Josh Chakranarayan, Wright Stuff; and Ian Echols and Darcy Hinton, Meteorology; Third Place – Darcy Hinton and Ian Echols, Elevated BNeeraja Setlur, Fossils; Travis Hockaday, Madelynn Marlow, Samedh Iyer and Corwin Aucoin, Pentathlon; and Allyson Walpole and Corwin Aucoin, Texas Wildflowers; Fourth Place – Josh Chakranarayan and Colton Campbell, Physical Science Lab; Colton Campbell and Travis Hockaday, Write It/Do It.

Hopper Middle School placed 14th overall. Students Randy Cortez and Jason Pines placed second in Helicopter Duration.

Spillane Middle School students Jacob Berger, Jessica DeFreese, Danae Dinderman and Merrick Lucas placed second in Pentathlon, while students Merrick Lucas and Lily Zhang placed third in Helicopter Duration.

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